Thursday, January 19, 2012

 A couple weeks ago Cian and I were invited to two birthday parties in one day.  This is my kind of day, friends, fun and cake twice in one day.  The fist one was at Bounce U, one of those places with the ginormous (technical term) bounce slides.  We had been there before and Cian wouldn't leave my side to bounce on anything.  Boy have things changed since last time.  He basically said bye to me and was bouncing on everything!!  He went down this one slide over and over and over again.  Of course he couldn't go down the slide on his butt, he had to go down on his stomach feet first.  My kid.

The guy who was running the party was very energetic, I really don't think you could have a bad day and work there.  It took me back to my Chuck-E-Cheese days.  When it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" he asked if they wanted everyone to dance or just him.  It was then that I knew he was cool.

Our second party of the day was for a friend's son and was at Wilderness Station.  We were late, imagine that, but when we go there all the kids were learning about turtles.  There was a box turtle there that they got  to pet him and see him walking around.  His name was Jack.  The kids also made a turtle craft, which Cian really liked.  There was an owl there that I didn't get a photo of but he was the cutest little guy.  I wanted to love him and squeeze him and call him George.

This weekend we are off to another party for Cian's cousin Will!  Amanda knows how to throw a party so I know we are in for another good time.

What is that sweet Isla up to you ask?  Just hanging out and looking cute!

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