Sunday, January 1, 2012

It is New Year's Day.  I will have a Christmas post and year end review but today is not the day.  Isla is asleep on the bed and Cian is eating mandarin oranges. We are about to pack and leave for a funeral.  Not the funeral of a person who lived a full life but the funeral of a seven month old baby.  The baby of a close family member who was a sweet, smiling, happy little guy.  My heart is broken for his parents and siblings and as I hug my healthy babies tight I can't understand why such innocent little lives have to end so soon.  I am not God (clearly, not even close) so I can't understand the reasons. I don't have the whole story like He does or know what is in His plan. Jesus can give us peace and comfort though the storm and is truly the only person I would want carrying me through hard times.

My heart breaks for those two parents that can not kiss their baby boy, can't see him smiling and cooing, can't change a diaper (even a poop up the back diaper), can't hear his cries for comfort in the middle of the night.  There is comfort in knowing that he is with Jesus right now.  I like to think that he took a nap thinking about his family and woke up snuggled in the arms of Jesus.  I know that he was loved, loved by everyone he ever met.  He will never feel the pain of this world, never suffer a loss like this or have his heart broken. He will never feel ridicule or hurt.  He was a sweet little angel and will stay that way.

I can't explain why these things happen and I can't imagine the grief of losing a child and being left on this earth without one of my babies.  I do know that when we love someone we need to tell them. We don't need to harbor anger or take for granted that we will have a lifetime with them.  Hug your kids, spouse, friends and parents tight.  The people in our lives are a blessing and we need to thank God for them every day.  I hope the smiley happy guy didn't hurt and that maybe he woke up and wondered where he was and Jesus said, "you are home."

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Amanda said...

I'm way behind on your blog! Thanks for posting this, very sweet and I'm sure Rachel & Mark would appreciate it.

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