Three Months Old

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My little Isla is officially three months old now.  I can. not. be. lieve it.  My little girl is growing up and becoming more aware of everything.  I will probably say this every month but I can not believe how fast this is happening.

Isla, this month you officially started wearing exclusively 0-3 month clothes with the exception of a couple newborn onesies that still fit.  (Those are made big, I mean what behemoth newborns are those made for?  I cringe a bit at thinking of those mothers giving birth to a child who can wear these.)

You really want to be able to sit up, all the time.  You aren't a huge fan of lying down so you want to be propped up and see the same view as everyone else.  When you are sitting with someone you will try to pull yourself away from them.  This has sometimes resulted in toppling over on your face.

You are staring to coo and giggle a lot.  Your baby noises are the sweetest thing ever and they make your dad and I melt and laugh at the same time.

You are still a pretty darn good sleeper.  You generally go to sleep around 10 and sleep until 6 or so.  I sometimes secretly worry because Cian was the total opposite.  I also am not complaining, but you wake up right in the middle of my normal running time.  (Insert you're crazy comments and horrible looks here.)  I am working on sucking it up because I enjoy our sweet and quiet alone time in the morning and I know this year that we have those will fly by and I have a lifetime to run.

You love your big brother.  You look at him all the time and it seems like you are trying to figure out what he is doing.  I don't think you love it so much when he fake cries/screams in your face while you are crying...

You are becoming so much more aware of what is going on around you.  You are checking out those hands that are attached to you and turning your head when you hear noises like Glee on TV.

You really like your bed.  (Should I take this as a hint that it is time to ditch the bassinet??)  There are some accordion flowers hanging over your bed and you think those are the coolest thing since sliced bread.  At least you will once you can actually eat sliced bread.  I know I have at least five minutes to change clothes and get ready when I put you under those things.

Cian is really glad you are with him at Heather's (the in-home daycare).  I am told at first he came down to check on you every so often just to make sure you were ok.  He said he would rather have a sister than a brother.  He did say you were a girl before we found out and said you would have brown eyes before you were born.  Maybe I should ask him if you will be a good teenager...

That leads me to the next thing, you are so going to have brown eyes.  That means team poop eyes now outnumbers the rest of the family, ole green and blue.

We love you tons and are really enjoying watching you grow and change before our eyes.  I can't say this enough but I am glad God picked us to be your parents.

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Trying to sit up

Toppling Over...

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