Goals for 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Me, cause they are my goals.
It wouldn't be a new year without setting an entire new set of goals for the year.  I am going to try not to set crazy goals like have a six pack by November but I do want to challenge myself to stick to what I set.  Here goes:

  • Complete a bible in one year plan.
  • Spend lots of time hugging my kids.
  • Go on dates with my husband.
  • Pray for my Sunday school kids more often.  How about just pray more often.
  • Have photos from a Modern Vintage wedding or party published on a web site that is not my own.
  • Apply to do freelance for more blogs/publications.
  • Lose a little more baby weight. (Or possibly all of it.)
  • Re-paint our kitchen and paint our bedroom.
  • Read, craft and laugh a lot.
  • Run a half marathon and start training for another full.
  • Run the Ragnar Relay.
  • Read to my kids almost every night.
  • Be more regular with my Mommy Monday posts and add a Wardrobe Wednesday post!
I think that is enough for now! I better get moving!!

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